Gillian Rosenberg

I am safe and sound, despite the recent news media. I have limited access to any communications and will only be checking in every 2 weeks. In the interim a friend has started the following campaign to aid my fight with the Kurds against ISIS. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Gill
Hi.  My name is Gillian (Gila) Rosenberg and I have been in the news lately.  I am the first Canadian Born/Israeli woman helping Kurdish forces fight Islamic State in Syria.  You can read my article as follows:

As I continue to train, it has become apparent that we are without a lot of gear like body armor, helmets, night vision etc.  Items which desperately will keep us safe and are urgently needed.

I have made arrangements with someone in the United States to purchase these items for me and will make arrangements to get them to Syria for us to use.

I thank each and every one of you in advance for your contribution and supporting this great cause.  “They [the Kurds] are our brothers. They are good people. They love life, a lot like us, really.”

Gillian Rosenberg


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