Hungarian Lessons - individual Hungarian courses Online!

 Hungarian Lessons - individual Hungarian courses Online!  

Learn Hungarian language  by Hungarian-Hebrew teacher from Israel.

Our teacher is experienced in teaching of Hungarian language and he has qualifications to teaching.  Customized study plans can be developed according to individual student's needs. Students have individual needs and learning styles that’s why our teacher is prepared lots of situations. He is able to teach everybody in any ages and he helps everybody with the acquiring of the necessary Hungarian language.

Thanks to the specially developed Sharon Asher’s modern teaching methods, we will teach you to speak and write, that you will be able to use Hungarian simply, when you want to refresh or enhance your current knowledge.
Virtual Hungarian lessons allow somebody to learn language in that time, when somebody wants. Even in the mornings or even in the evenings, during the day whenever. These consultations are taken place on the Internet. The BEST choice is the Online Learning! 
„Survival” Hungarian: Students learn the basic rules of grammar, pronunciation, reading, words and expressions in everday situations. They are able to participate in daily conversations.
Students will have the knowledge to survive in everyday situtations and they’ll learn new text types (narrative and argumentative texts). The course will help you to develop your reading and listening skills in Hungarian. Students will work with autentic textbooks and enrich their vocabulary with idiomatic expressions. Students will learn all of complex grammatical structures at the highest level of Hungarian.
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